Dream…dream dream dream dream

This morning my daughter, Zoe, came running into the kitchen saying, “I had the most amazing dream last night. Dad was kidnapped! But that wasn’t the amazing part! I’m not sure where you were at. I think you were dead! But that wasn’t the amazing part either! I found 2 backpacks full of Ben’s (aka Benjamin Franklin’s) and a really cool orange Ipad! The backpack also had a map in it that had clues where to find dad!” Dreams are amazing things in themselves. As a child I can remember coming into the kitchen, like Zoe did this morning and telling my mom about the dreams I’d had the night before. One such dream stands out in my mind.

I was about seven years old; I dreamed I was 3 or 4 years old and got mad at my mom. I marched upstairs to get my blankie (can’t runaway without it), to tell my mom I was mad at her, and that I was running away to Jay’s house (apparently Jay was the neighbor down the street). In my dream I walked and walked and walked and eventually was on the corner of MacArthur Blvd which was a 3 lane intersection. A police officer approached me and asked me what I was doing? I told him, “I’m running away to Jay’s house.” The police office tried to get me to describe where Jay’s house was. I had no idea where his house was or even where I was. I must have told him where I live because somehow we ended up in front of our house. My parents were standing in the front yard looking for me. The officer explained that they’d found me on the corner and I’d told them I was running away to Jay’s house. My mother explained that I’m strong willed and then thanked the police officers for bringing me home etc…

As I finished telling my mom about the dream, she started laughing. She said, “that’s funny that you had that dream because it REALLY happened.”

I can tell you for sure and for certain that Tim has not been kidnapped and I’m most definitely am not dead. Zoe has never had a dream about an event that has already happened. What I can tell you is that my dreaming about events in my life that really happened occurred more than once. Why my brain launches into memory mode in that respect I also have no idea…but it is quite amazing!

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