The Twelfth Day of Christmas-12 Krispy Kremes

The Twelfth Day of Christmas: 12 Krispy Kreme Donuts

               Have you ever gone to one of the Krispy Kreme donut locations? The locations where they actually bake the Krispy Kremes right there? The aromas of vanilla mingled with warm sugar that tickle the nose and tantalize the taste buds. Are you salivating yet? I had a friend that went and bought one dozen glazed Krispy Kremes one morning. She thought she’d have just one on her drive home, or maybe two. But, before she knew it she had consumed ten of the glazed yum yums that had previously occupied that coveted Krispy Kremes box. Horrified, and afraid her husband would never let her live it down, she decided that it would be best to finish the final two and be rid of the evidence.  Eating the final two was not as easy as the first ten—she had a sick feeling in her stomach. She could feel the bile rising up in her throat. The insulin rush in her body went to her cheeks and made her flush. She had to force down the last two Krispy Kremes. It was an act of will to get and keep them down.  A task of mind over matter.

That story reminds me of getting revenge. Revenge smells so good as we plot it. It tastes oh so sweet as we begin to think through our plot. But, after awhile, nausea sets in. We begin to feel the consequences of our actions.  We tell ourselves that we will feel better but in the end, we only feel worse. Why do you think that is? In the same way God created our stomachs to be repulsed after gorging ourselves on a dozen Krispy Kremes, God created our souls to be repulsed by revenge. In Romans 12:19, God says ‘vengeance is mine.’ God will take care of making sure His children are protected and cared for. Does that mean every time that someone does you wrong that God will strike them dead? We might wish it were so on some days, but, no, the promise is that God will do what HE knows is best. Perhaps vindication will happen later in their life—perhaps it won’t ever happen in your lifetime. Part of trusting our heavenly Father is taking Him at His word and trusting He knows what is best. Does it make it easy? No. But, I can tell you from experience—it is always the best route to take in life.

Tomorrow–11 Great Expectations!

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