This Too Shall Pass

Tragedy is a mysterious thing. Every morning you wake up is different. Some days you wake up and the elephant is sitting on your chest. You’re numb and have to decide to conquer the demons and make it through the day. Some days you are weepy and tears come easily. Other times the tears won’t come because you’re just too tired to cry. Last week I had taken my mom to Illinois to visit her sister who has her own battle she’s fighting at the moment. I made her the quilt pictured – and had added her motto ‘this too shall pass’. We all have things in our lives we wish would go away If we focus on what is irritating us or causing us pain we will miss the things that bring us joy. I can focus on all that we have lost but what good will that do me? They are just things (although those that know me well know I’m about the most sentimental person alive on the planet!) Our attic and house was filled with items from my great grandparents, grandparents, bins filled with all the girls artwork, stuffed animals and fabric clothing from when they were young. My little brothers stuffed dog ‘Fred’ didn’t survive the fire but the scrapbook I had made when he died of all the cards people sent survived with our photos!! Tim’s rocking chair from when he was a toddler along with Shoshanah’s are gone but we have the amazing memory and photos of our granddaughter sitting in the chairs rocking away. Every time I think of something we’ve lost I try to immediately think of a positive from it. It’s the only way I can cope with what has happened. Humor is another coping mechanism of mine. The stuff in the house is temporary. It wouldn’t have lasted forever. And quite honestly- the stuff was important to me— when I am dead and gone who would have wanted to inherit the ‘creepy’ baby doll from the 1920’s that my girls always wanted tucked away in the closet when they came to visit? What to do with family heirlooms after we are gone has now been decided for us. We are eternal. Things are not. I am going to try and focus on that today. Please continue to pray we find a long term rental until we can build a new home.

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