There Are Only Two Kinds of Fair

My husband always says there are only two kinds of fair in the world; the State Fair and the County Fair. Either way, I love BOTH of those kinds of fairs. For the past ten years, my daughters and I have entered our art work in the county fair. It all started when the elementary school they attended began entering their art work in kindergarten. They would win a ribbon and prize money so I would frame the art and the cash and hang it proudly in our home. My laundry room is currently brimming with artwork they have done over the years. This year was no different.

My eldest daughter has a penchant for cooking and quilting, while the younger enjoys painting. They both obsess over photography and enjoy coming up with creative ways to capture that unusual vantage point. Competitive at heart, they both relish Friday morning at the fair when the judges have spoken and ribbons are displayed. The great thing is they get to bring their masterpieces home and add them to their collection. As we brought our masterpieces home, I got to thinking about those who raise cattle to be auctioned off at the fair. What about their ‘masterpieces’ they’ve worked so hard on?

I spoke with a mother whose son had raised cattle for the fair from the time he was 8 years old. They purchased the calf and her son was responsible for its complete care. Feeding, grooming, cleaning, and the list goes on. I would imagine that after a year of spending an enormous amount of time caring for this animal that he would become very attached. His mom went on to explain that the first year he entered his calf was the most difficult. Once it had been auctioned off, the reality of the situation began to sink it. His beloved pet was about to be no more, except a steak divvied up at market… I imagine the boy’s eyes brimming with tears as the high bidder bridled the prize he had named Buddy and began to load it into his trailer.

This scenario made me think of another story I’ve heard many, many times. It’s the one of Eve chatting with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Have you ever asked yourself what on earth she was doing chatting it up with a snake???

Before the fall of man, Adam and Eve not only walked with God in the cool of the Garden, but with the animals, as well. I love they could apparently they could talk with the animals! This is MY ideal paradise. I love animals—well, minus snakes—are they really even considered animals anyway? I imagine having the best of both worlds—not only having some of the most amazing creatures as your very own pet but being able to communicate with them, as well. Having them outside is just another added bonus, but, I digress.

Adam and Eve loved these animals. They were like family pets. So, when God took the skin of one of these beloved pets to cloth Adam and Eve after they both sinned, they each felt a particular sting as the fur of caressed their skin each day. The consequence went deeper than just seeing that one of the animals had to be slaughtered for their disobedience. Each and every day they were reminded of what happens when we sin…we are not the only ones affected. Others around us are affected, as well.

If you have family pets, as you begin your day, imagine the pain you would feel if they had to lose their life because of your disobedience to God. Then make your decision: Choose today, to obey!

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